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  • What are the Lilizela Tourism Awards

    The Lilizela Tourism Awards represent and reward the highest levels of excellence in tourism The name was derived from the Zulu word Lilizela which means celebrating and praising by ululating when someone has done well. They are an initiative of the National Department of Tourism (NDT); spearheaded by South African Tourism and delivered by the TGCSA.

  • Why were the Lilizela Tourism Awards Created?

    There are currently many different awards related to recognising and celebrating tourism success. The Lilizela Tourism Awards combine them into one premier platform whose sole purpose will be to give recognition and accolade where due. These awards are designed to grow the profile and importance of the tourism industry in South Africa and support the goals of the National Tourism Sector Strategy (NTSS)

  • What are the Goals of the NTSS?

    • The South African government has identified tourism as one of the key contributing sectors to the medium-term strategic priorities of growing the economy and creating decent work
    • Tourism’s capacity to deliver on these priorities has been strengthened through the establishment of a dedicated National Department of Tourism (NDT)
    • International targets as laid out in the NTSS:
    Arrivals 15 million by 2020
    GDP targets Total direct and indirect target: from R189,4 billion (2009) to R499 billion (2020)
    Job Creation 225 000 new jobs created by 2020

  • What are the Objectives of the Lilizela Tourism Awards

    • The Lilizela Tourism Awards aim to recognise and celebrate tourism excellence
    • To encourage key players to strive for excellence in order to grow global competitiveness in tourism
    • To reward the people who deliver excellence in tourism
    • To give the industry motivation to aspire to and give them a cause to celebrate
    • To give the public a voice that counts
    • To create an awareness about the value and importance of tourism
  • What Awards will be given out on the Awards Night

    Minister’s Award
    • Recognises outstanding, unique, impactful people, events, organisations that have performed in a manner that urges the industry closer to the 2020 vision whilst demonstrating all the values which serve as guiding principles for the sector in how it relates to itself and its stakeholders.
    Service Excellence
    • Service excellence has been recognised in the National Tourism Sector Strategy as being important throughout the tourism value chain and since it’s rooted in attitude - sustainable behavioural changes are essential to create a service culture in the industry.
    • Decisions for this award will be made based on guest feedback
    Entreprenuership - ETEYA
    • The Emerging Tourism Entrepreneur of the Year Award (ETEYA) was launched in 2001 at INDABA in Durban and is designed primarily to encourage and sustain the development of Small, Micro and Medium Enterprises (SMME’s) within the tourism industry.
    • The 9 finalists were selected at the recently held SMME conference. The winner will be announced at the inaugural Lilizela Tourism Awards ceremony in September.
    Sustainability and Good Governance (Social, Economic and Environmental)
    • Sustainable Development is one of the guiding principles of Tourism Development as encapsulated in the NTSS.
    • The growth and development of the Tourism Sector is underpinned by the development and practice of sustainable business policies and strategies in ensuring that the benefits of tourism continue to grow for generations to come.
    • Three pillars anchoring such development are Social, Economic and Environmental pillars
    • This award will recognise the business that has proven to incorporate these into their business operating models.
    Universal Accessibility
    • This award is driven by the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa
    • It will give an award to facilities and services at accommodation establishments and MESE venues that are accessible for people with disabilities.
  • What are the Entry Requirements?

    Entry is free but there are certain requirements businesses need to fulfil for their application to be successfully processed:

    • South African Tourism Business operating for a minimum of year
    • Meet all the legal requirements for the type of business they operate
    • Categories will cater for SME’s and Large Enterprises where these levels of recognition are necessary.
    • Each category, based on its particular business requirements will have criteria specific to it and the adjudication process supported by the relevant industry association
    • All accommodation establishments must be graded by the TGCSA.
    • Entries for the Lilizela Awards close on the 30th June 2014.
  • Why should I enter the Lilizela Accommodation Awards

    1. The Lilizela Tourism Awards are here to inspire you to be the best that you can be.
    2. It is an opportunity to celebrate professionalism, creativity and innovation in the industry.
    3. The Lilizela Tourism Awards give national recognition to establishments, raising their profile.
    4. Awards are good for business. Being an achiever differentiates you from your competition.
    5. To find out what your guests really think of you.
    6. As a means of motivating your staff. It gives all staff members something to strive towards achieving and builds team spirit.
    7. When you support the Lilizela Tourism Awards you are supporting the tourism industry. The larger the mix of entries the more meaningful it is to be an achiever.
  • How does it work?

    It is a consumer based programme whereby your guests submit reviews about your establishment to the organisers.

  • How is the Programme Judged?

    South African Tourism has recently called out to the industry to join the 2014 Lilizela Tourism Awards Adjudication Panel. Click here for the press release. We are currently in the process of selecting the adjudication panels for each awards. They will be announced soon.


  • Who are the Organisers?

    The organisers of the Lilizela Tourism Awards are South African Tourism in partnership with the National Department of Tourism, Fedhasa, TGCSA, the Ministry and role players across the industry.

  • How do I enter the Lilizela Accommodation Awards?

    Simply complete the entry form within the category you wish to enter your establishment. You can enter your establishement in up to 6 categories and not just one - this means that a Guest House, for e.g. can enter in the Accommodation Category, Visitor Experience Category, B-BBEE Category, ETEYA Category, Imvelo as well as Universal Accessibility Category.

  • What does it cost to enter the Awards Programme?

    There is no entry fee to enter the programme.